HOMEMADE GOODIES / for adults:


  • Lunch at Restaurant Haus
  • Dessert at Restaurant Jezero

Trip tip: To Koželj hill




The e-card of experiences for those who want to taste the authentic Šaleška cuisine includes 3 different experiences. As part of the e-card, the package of experiences is cheaper than when purchased separately.

Included experiences:

  • Dessert at Restaurant Jezero

Try what Velenje tastes like as a dessert* in a restaurant in an idyllic location right next to Lake Velenje.


*You can choose between delicious tiramisu and refreshing panna cotta.

  • Lunch* in the Haus restaurant

Experience a special culinary experience with an emphasis on meat dishes. Prepare your steak yourself, on a hot volcanic stone.


*Valid for daily lunch without starters.

  • To Koželj hill*

A jump to the nearby hill Koželj, which is a popular recreational spot in Velenje, will drive away any bad feelings after the abundant lawn and provide new energy.

*The hike is of your own choice, the card does not include guidance along the route.

How do I buy and redeem a card?

  1. In the online store, choose the type of e-card (adult or child). The e-card is valid for 1 person.
  2. The e-cards are saved in the shopping cart, where you enter your information, choose the payment method (credit card, PayPal) and complete the online purchase.
  3. After payment, you will receive your e-card with unique QR codes for each of the included experiences.
  4. At the destination, show the QR code to the experience provider.*

*We advise you to contact the experience provider before visiting to check availability and opening hours.